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Cromlech - Non Oversampling SPDIF DAC


Over the years I have modified several players to get good sound from CDs. While I succeeded to improve the sound I always missed some "naturalness" down to the last detail with CDs. Then I read about non-oversampling DACs which may sound more alive and realistic. Especially the Article by Ryohei Kusunoki  discusses the background of non-oversampling topology in great detail.

Searching for simple non-oversampling DAC topologies I found a number of approaches:


Cromlech DAC

Some audio enthusiasts think the TDA1543 sounds a little bit rough and others think the TDA1541 sounds too gentle. Concerning the AD1865 DAC many audiophiles state that this DAC is an excellent choice. However,  I settled on the TDA1543 for my own use.

Interfacing the TDA1543 with the Digital Receiver CS8412 is easy unlike with other DAC chips. Of course, the TDA1543 chip may the limiting factor but I am convinced, well integrated this chip is still an excellent sonic choice.


Cromlech DAC Part 1 : S/PDIF Receiver

Cromlech DAC Part 2 : DAC, I/V and Filter * or **



Battery Supply Unit